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PPC Management

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click Advertising is also known as (PPC) or (Paid Search Marketing).
PPC management plays an essential role to any orthodontist’s digital marketing campaigns, and can help ortho practices achieve great results with low fixed costs. The simplest definition, orthodontists display advertisements on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and pay whenever someone clicks on those ads, a potential patient visits their website. This simple process allows practices to track costs and results easily, and can target both local and global audiences.

What Our Clients Get:

  • Higher Return on Investment
  • Lower Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Transparent Reporting
  • High Level Campaign Strategy & Execution

How We Do It

  • Extensive Keyword Research & Generation
  • Competition Analysis & Industry Research
  • Campaign Setup
  • Ad Creation
  • Split Testing of Ads, Landing Pages and Keywords
  • Conversion and ROI Tracking Analysis
  • Bid Management & Optimization

Local Search Marketing

Search engines and individuals know how powerful finding what you are looking for close by can be. Ensuring your patients are able to find your practice within close proximity is essential to staying relevant, available and chosen. With more than 50% of online searches being done from a mobile device to locate businesses nearby, local search marketing and optimization is an essential strategy no matter how many locations you have.

Common Terms Used With PPC

  • Campaign – An ad campaign on Google AdWords is made up of your ad groups. It’s what you first set-up when you advertise, and it helps you organize your different paid advertising efforts.
  • Ad groups – An ad group is your set of keywords, budgets and targeting methods for a particular objective, within the same campaign.
  • Keywords – They are the words or word phrases you target to display your ads.  When choosing your keywords, think like your customer and what they would be searching for when they want your product, service or offer.
  • Quality Score – A quality score is the measurement from Google based on the relevancy of your ad headline, description, keywords and destination URL to your potential customer seeing your ad.
  • Impression – An impression is the measurement of how many times your ad is shown.
  • Click Through Rate (CTR) – Your CTR measures how many people who have seen your ad click through to your link destination.
  • CPC – Cost-Per-Click is the amount you pay every time a person actually clicks on your ad.
  • Headline – Your ad headline is the header of your ad copy. It generally shows up in blue when your ad is live.
  • Destination URL – Your destination URL is the landing page your ad is directed to when it’s clicked.
  • Display URL – Your display URL is what shows up in your ad copy.

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