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Much of marketing is like drinking a shot of turmeric juice. It has short term benefits, but to sustain those results you have to do it again and again.

What if you could market in a way that had long term benefits? And in a way where those long term benefits were far-reaching? Where you put in less time, money, and effort but get solid results?

You can. When you build a blog for your practice, you create a rock-solid foundation that continues to work for you for weeks, months, and even years.

You’ve probably heard how Local SEO is one of the most vital factors in marketing but blogging can level up your SEO strategy and increase traffic. Sound good?

Let’s take a look at why blogging and Local SEO for your Orthodontic practice are a match made in heaven.

What Is Local SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that improves your presence in search engines. Good SEO means your website appears higher up in searches and increases the chances of your audience finding you.

Since the first page of Google gets the vast majority of click-throughs, appearing on it is a huge driver of traffic. But the same page of your website will only appear once in a search. If your website only has five pages, that’s not much opportunity to rank in search engines.

To increase your chances of appearing in searches and for a whole host of other unmissable Local SEO and traffic benefits, there’s a simple yet powerful solution: an outstanding Ortho blog.

The Benefits of Blogging for Practices

Imagine you’re looking for a good plumber for a specific issue. You click on two results in a search engine. One is a local plumber’s homepage and the other is an article titled with your exact problem, referencing your town.

The first is a two-page website. A homepage with a list of plumbing services and a contact page. The other link is an in-depth article addressing your issue. You see that the article is on a plumber’s website in your town.

By the time you’ve read the article and clicked around their website, you’ve seen that they blog about lots of plumbing issues and have a detailed list of services. They’re clearly an expert.

And the first plumber? Well, they don’t have any of that. You have no idea if they know what they’re doing at all.

Who would you call?

Blogging Increases Content

When you build up your practice’s blog, you have more web pages that can appear in search engines. In the case of our plumber, they’d optimized their post for our problem keyword. So when that keyword is searched, their article pops up.

The reader immediately knows that this plumber understands and can solve their exact issue. This is far more powerful than the reader going through the services pages of local plumbers.

Each blog post can be optimized for a particular keyword or keywords. If a plumber has ten main services, they can create lots of posts that relate to those services.

Unlike adverts, your blog content isn’t short-lived. It stays on your website appearing over and over again in searches. The more content you have, the more search engines can see that you’re an information-rich site and feature you more highly.

Building Social Channels

Many businesses open social media accounts to have a presence on those platforms. But without a blog, what can they post? They can link to products or services but that will get boring for readers fast.

Blogging for your practice has great benefits for your social media channels as it gives you interesting content to post. Content that your audience wants. As social media platforms are search engines in their own right, when you post and tag relevant keywords, readers can find your services easily.

This is especially important for smaller practices who need to rely on showing their expertise over brand presence. By posting informative, SEO-rich blog posts, your audience will have a solid reason to click.

Increase Authority

It’s hard to have authority when you don’t show readers why you’re the best business to use. An attractive website is great, but it doesn’t convince readers that you’re worth spending money on.

An Ortho blog is a perfect way to show your expertise in a way that is helpful and engaging. When you consistently provide useful posts on your website, visitors will see for themselves that you’re an authority.

By creating in-depth posts, readers are more likely to share your links on social media or other websites. When search engines see these links to your website, they too can see that you’re a trusted authority and rank your site higher in their results.

How to Build an Ortho Blog That Works

The reason why some practice blogs fail is that they prioritize quantity over quality. No amount of SEO keywords will buoy up a boring, poorly written post.

Creating genuinely useful and relevant posts is the only way to use your business blog to its full potential. Many small practices don’t have the time to create such content and only have one, already busy, marketing staff member.

It’s easy to find affordable Local SEO services though. A local SEO agency will work with you to create a quality practice blog that appeals to search engines and readers.

With relevant keywords that your ideal audience use, Orthodontic SEO experts can craft informative blog posts that hook the reader and keep them on your website. Now they can see you’re an expert, there’s no reason for them to look elsewhere.

Create an Ortho Blog and Increase Your Traffic

Blogging can improve your Local SEO in leaps and strides. It gives far greater opportunities for your practice to appear in search engines and helps readers find you exactly when they need you.

When you build a blog for your practice, you’re not drinking a shot of turmeric. You’re planting a turmeric seed that will grow and grow. Okay, we’ll stop with the turmeric thing now.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you transform your Local SEO and build a blog for your practice that works.